At least for the time being, the majority of my activity will be on Tumblr. It's the direction this blog had been going, and I'm contemplating moving the URL over there from Blogger, depending on how I like it in the long run.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Interesting post this morning on Metro's blog, The Source, which is based on a found graphic that shows eight major US cities arranged into Los Angeles' city borders. It offers some insight on the biggest obstacle faced by our local public transportation agencies, and I think it should make us appreciate how good their services actually are.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Milwaukee In 22 Photos

The Menu:
Bratwurst – Miller Park
Italian sausage – Miller Park
Chocolate custard – Gille’s
Sprecher Irish Stout – Irish Fest
Cheese(butter)burger – Solly’s
Corn – Irish Fest
Corned Beef sandwich – McBob’s, Irish Fest
Blue Moon ice cream – Cedar Crest, Irish Fest
Riverwest Stein – Irish Fest
California Burger w/hash brown – George Webb
Gold Coast sub – Suburpia
Oskar Blues Gubna – Comet Café
Mac and Cheese – Comet Café
Kinnickinnic whiskey – Burnhearts Bar
Reuben rolls – Irish Fest
Karl’s Packers bratwurst (cheddar + jalapeno), cheeseburger – Best friend’s BBQ
German Chocolate cake – homemade by mom
Kinnickinnic whiskey - to bring home
Chicago hot dog + tater tots – Sammy’s
Coffee – Fuel Café
Cheesy Artichoke melt – Fuel Café
Spotted Cow – airport Chilis

(this is not everything I ate, just what I remembered to capture with my camera phone prior to stuffing into my face)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hardcovers Are For Your Bookshelf...

...and paperbacks are for reading. Wanted my own copy of Ten Points (after reading it from the library) and found one in paperback online for $10. Turns out it is an advance copy, which may contain editing errors, and can now be sold as a collectible.

Had no idea this type of thing even existed.