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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Takeoff Snapshots

The Rapha Turkey Takeoff; a challenge to burn 9,000 calories in the four days surrounding Thanksgiving. In those four days, I rode for 16 hours and 19 minutes, covering 251 miles and climbing 8,018 feet, burning a total of 9,036 calories. Below are a series of snapshots from during the challenge, and you can read about a brief moment I experienced.

L to R:
1. Summit of the haunted Turnbull Canyon 2. Fuel for a big ride
3. Bridge at East Fork Road and Highway 39 4. Highway 39, just above 2,000 feet
5. Dam on the San Gabriel River Bikeway 6. My wife's first Thanksgiving dinner
7. Downtown Los Angeles, morning 8. Downtown Los Angeles, evening
9. Mount Wilson 10. Dennison's Schwinn Cyclery, East Los Angeles
11. Men's room grafiti, Birds, Franklin Village 12. Watts Towers
13. The Forum 14. Flat white, Espresso Profeta


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